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Europe Travels | Florence

After a quick train ride from Venice, we arrived in Florence! Definitely a completely different "feel" than Venice. The streets were filled with the hustle & bustle of people! Some people were even walking in the middle of the road without a care that cars were driving around them. It was nuts! Just like a James Bond movie with small alleys and fast drivers. Taking a taxi was an experience! (I could only imagine that a lot of people get hit by cars here) 

Up 3 flights of stairs, we found our air-bnb. Completely adorable! Artwork & knick-knacks on the walls everywhere. I loved it!! 

The views outside were pretty cool! Completely different than anything we have here in the US. 

Breakfast was also very different in Italy! Espresso machines everywhere. I guess that Americans view breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Italians - optional. Haha!

By the time it was around lunch, were were starving! We headed to a local street food favorite and discovered the best sandwiches in the world. Bigger than your face! You could tell it was good because people lined the streets eating these. So...we joined them!

We explored the city (not sure about this guy below). Saw the Duomo (which is huge!) and grabbed coffee.

Haha, I asked the coffee shop if they had iced coffee or anything not hot....and this was what they made me. Very fancy! And delicious! Derek was cracking me up with his espresso. Big man; tiny coffee. 

By far one of my top favorite things during our whole Europe trip was this! Sitting at the top of Piazzale Michelangelo and watching the sunset over the city. Just WOW!

We met this sweet couple, Ilma & Tebo from France & Tanzania. They were so kind to take our picture for us. So of course I offered to take theirs! 

Florence did not disappoint. Going in - we choose to not do majorly touristy things, like museums or stand in long lines, or even plan where we ate. But we discovered the city ourselves; on a whim and with no agenda. Totally perfect! The next morning we went back to our favorite sandwich place and grabbed one for the road and hopped on a train to our next destination. 

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